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Northern Ireland

Founded 1975


Sporting Trials,  also known as mud plugging, are a development of Production Car Trials (PCT's), and differ by virtue of both terrain used and the highly specialised nature of the cars. The vehicles are purpose-made two-seaters with rear-wheel drive and use standard road tyres. The venues used offer a more arduous terrain than those used by PCTs, the sections climbed by Sporting Trials cars are often too steep or slippy even to walk up. The object in Sporting Trials is to drive the car through a section marked by a series of 13 gates, without either touching the posts or stopping forward motion. The difficulty appears when you consider that these sections are laid out over some very difficult and hilly terrain..........


For more information on sporting trials in Northern Ireland please click on link





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Sporting Trials Crossle Cars Co.

**Breaking news**

Trials suspended again until further notice


Results from Rory's Wood 19/12/20


Class A:

Winner D Webster / S Webster

Runner-up H Barr / D Lennox

Class B:

Winner G McKay / K Gilchrist

Runner-up D Cross / H Barr


Full results under 'Results'

Members intending to trial and participate in the 20/21 Championship are reminded that they must return membership forms, make payments and return sign-on form to [email protected] no later than 7pm the day before the trial.

STCC 2019/20 Championship Class A Winner - T Aston / A Aston

Bryan and Peter 'showing off' at the Gold Star!